Retirement Healthcare benefits are provided to eligible retired members and beneficiaries as outlined in the St. Clair County policies, retirement system plan document and applicable collective bargaining agreements.  Coverage for eligible retirees and beneficiaries will commence no sooner than the retired member's pension commencement date.  

Individuals covered under the retirement health care plan shall not be eligible for the medical insurance during any period when the retired member or beneficiary is employed and covered by an employer’s health insurance program.

Individuals that have a spouse working for or retired from the County or County agency, shall not be eligible for dual County insurance coverage.  The County in no instance shall be required to provide dual coverage.

Individuals covered under the retirement health care plan must apply directly to Medicare for Medicare Part A and Part B coverage when eligible (generally just prior to age 65 or through disability) and provide a copy of their Medicare card received to Human Resources in order to continue coverage and be enrolled in the retirement Medicare eligible retiree health care plan.

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