Is there a vaccine to prevent monkeypox?

Because monkeypox and smallpox viruses are genetically similar, vaccines developed to protect against smallpox viruses may be used to prevent monkeypox infections.

The U.S. government has two stockpiled vaccines—JYNNEOS and ACAM2000—that can prevent monkeypox in people who are exposed to the virus. Vaccines may be recommended for people who have had or may have contact with someone who has monkeypox, or for healthcare and public health workers who may be exposed to the virus.

**If you know or suspect you have had contact with someone with Monkeypox (MPV), please call SCCHD at (810) 987-5300 to inquire about vaccination. 

If you are in any of the identified situations below, please call SCCHD at (810) 987-5300 to inquire about vaccination. 

  • Individuals engaged in any type of sex work. 
  • Partners of individuals who engage in higher-risk sexual activities. 
  • Close/household contacts of individuals who have been exposed to MPV or engaged in higher-risk activities. 
  • Men who have sex with men and have a history of STI in the last year. 
  • Individuals who plan to have multiple sex partners. 
  • Individuals who plan to have close contact at a high-risk event or high-risk venue
  • Individuals taking HIV PreP or those living with HIV.