Recycling and Household Waste Disposal

Household hazardous waste is collected for free year round!

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  • oil-based paints
  • varnish
  • cleaners
  • gasoline
  • household batteries

Click here for accepted items: household hazardous waste.

St. Clair County Department of Environmental Services

Appointments required to drop off materials!

Smiths Creek Landfill, 6779 Smiths Creek Road, Smiths Creek, MI 48074 (810) 985-2443

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Hazardous materials may be brought to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility at the Smiths Creek Landfill by contacting the office for an appointment at (810) 985-2443. This service is available to residents free of charge. Businesses with hazardous materials can call for information regarding commerical disposal options.

What are household hazardous wastes?

HHWs are wastes generated in the home that are considered to be hazardous and a potential source for serious health risks. HHWs include waste items that are flammable, toxic, reactive or corrosive.Bottles of Cleaning Soutions under a Sink Photo

Items that will be accepted:

  • antifreeze
  • herbicides
  • pesticides
  • transmission fluid, brake fluid, gasoline, fuel oil
  • household cleaners
  • oil base paints and paint products (thinners, varnishes, solvents)
  • alkaline and Ni-Cad batteries

Types of materials NOT accepted:

  • latex paint
  • automotive batteries
  • explosives
  • used motor oil
  • any containers over 5 gallons or over 25 pounds
Photo of Landfill Photo of Landfill

 Photos of St. Clair County Landfill

How to dispose of Latex Paint

  1. Latex paint must be dried out or solidified prior to disposal. Use cat-litter, sand or other suitable absorbent material to dry out the paint.
  2. Once the paint is solidified, leave the lid off of the can and set it out at the curbside for collection with your regular refuse. (waste hauling companies can not and will not accept liquid waste materials.)
  3. If you are unsure whether a paint is latex (water-based), refer to the clean-up instructions on the paint can. Latex paint can be cleaned up using water.

Before bringing products to the HHW facility:

  • Empty containers
  • Make sure container lids are tight
  • Make sure products are labeled
  • Pack wastes in sturdy containers for transportation, such as a tub or box
  • Wrap leaking or dirty individual containers in a clean plastic bag
  • Transport the materials in your vehicle's trunk, rear of your vehicle or truck bed

Carefully store and dispose of household cleaners, chemicals, and oils

Antifreeze, household cleaners, gasoline, pesticides, oil paints, solvents, and motor oil are just some of the common household products that can enter our storm drains. Help keep these out of our lakes and streams. Instead of putting these items in the trash, down the storm drain, or on the ground, take them to a local hazardous waste center or collection day.

Photo of Recycling Container Rules. Paper:paper only-no strings or plastic.paper grocery bags ok. Plastic: 
         Plastic Bottles Only-Rinse clean-no caps or lids-no oil containers. Metals: Tin-aluminum cans-metal-lids OK rinse clean. Glass: Clear and color containers. Rinse clean-no lids or caps. No light bulbs.

Recycling Drop Off services are provided at eleven sites located across the county:

  • Allenton Collision & Grand View Auto Glass (Capac)
  • Brockway Township Hall
  • Burtchville Township Hall
  • China Township Hall
  • Clay Township Hall
  • Columbus Township Hall
  • Fort Gratiot DPW
  • Grant Township Park
  • Kimball Township Hall
  • St. Clair Township Hall

Where can I dispose of RV waste?

Dispose of recreational vehicle sanitary waste at a nearby drop-off location. Never put it down a storm drain or roadside ditch! For more information on locations and requirements go to

Recreational vehicle waste can be taken to the following locations:

  • Lakeport State Park
  • Bisco's Truck Stop, Emmett on M-19 (Exit 184 off I-69)
  • Detroit Wastewater Treatment Plant, 9300 West Jefferson, Detroit
  • Southeastern Oakland County, 29132 Stephenson Highway, Madison Heights
  • Feisters RV, 37401 Ford Road, Westland
  • A&S RV Center Inc., 2375 Opdyke, Auburn Hills
  • Walt Michals RV Center, 44700 I-94 Service Drive, Belleville

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