Stream Clean

Would you like to help make a difference in a river near you? Have a site you'd like to see get cleaned up? Let us know!.

Garbage, paper, plastic, scrap metal, wood, furniture, electronics, appliances, and tires can be cleaned up with a group of dedicated volunteers armed with buckets, gloves, waders, canoes, trucks and trash bags!

Stream Clean Sites

Mill Creek, Yale
Coordinated by the Drain Office, six canoes floated down a 3-mile stretch of river, ending in Yale City Park, and with help from the Yale DPW pulled out a dumpster-worth full of trash.

Stocks Creek, Port Huron Township
Michigan State University Extension Office led students from Central, Chippewa and Memphis middle schools through the stream pulling out trash and litter.

Marine City Drain, Cottreville Twp
Sponsored by Algonac State Park, volunteers used a tractor to pull out a mattress, box spring, a dozen tires, a TV and three garbage bags worth of trash.

Pine River, Kimball Twp
Led by Kimball Township, volunteers worked long and hard to clear the river of log jams and other debris to make it navigable for canoeing.

Belle River, Columbus Township
A group of volunteers, with the St. Clair County Parks and Recreation staff, pulled out furniture of all shapes and sizes.

St. John’s Marsh, Clay Township
In their 19th year, Clay Twp and the Michigan DNR and over hundred volunteers removed three compacted cubic yards worth of trash.

Stream Clean doesn’t start and stop with just one day; it takes all of us to help keep them clean! Like to help make a difference in a river near you? Let us know! Email or call (810) 987-5306.