Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Health division is responsible for the enforcement of the Michigan Smoke Free Air Law and investigation of complaints regarding bars and restaurants in St. Clair County.

Environmental Protection Agency Indoor Air Quality
HUD Healthy Homes
Centers for Disease Control Healthy Homes
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
Radon Project on Columbia University

Mercury is a dangerous and potent neurotoxin that affects the central nervous system, kidneys, and liver and can be found in many household items, including old thermostats and thermometers. To reduce your exposure to mercury, avoid buying items that contain mercury and use substitutes whenever possible.The  St. Clair County Landfill offers a FREE program to exchange your old mercury thermometer for a new digital one. Please contact the Landfill at (810) 985-2443 to have them properly dispose of your old mercury thermometer properly and replace it with a new digital one.

The Health Department does not conduct inspections for mold. Please call for advice on how to handle indoor mold problems at your home.

The Health Department sells home radon test kits for $5.00. The kit includes the postage to an out-of-state laboratory, the fees for having the device analyzed and a report sent back to the user. We also provide information on radon reduction techniques and a list of contractors that conduct radon testing and mitigation. If you prefer to hire a professional testing service, visit or

The St. Clair County Health Department does not conduct testing for asbestos. Names of qualified asbestos inspectors and removal contractors may be obtained from the Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services at (517) 373-1820.