On-site testing is no longer available at the St. Clair County Health Department (SCCHD). Free home tests are available during regular business hours at the front reception desk.  For additional testing resources visit https://testinglocator.cdc.gov/.

CDC, MDHHS and SCCHD still recommends individuals isolate from others when sick and monitor for signs of illness if you had a known exposure. Individuals who experience COVID-19 symptoms should continue to take precautions and seek medical care and treatment as appropriate.

To view county level data, visit: Michigan COVID Data Dashboard

For general COVID-19 questions, call (810) 987-5300 (Option 6) or email healthdept@stclaircounty.org

MDHHS COVID-19 Hotline: (888) 535-6136
MDHHS COVID-19 Email: COVID19@michigan.gov

SCCHD will continue providing and encouraging vaccinations, conduct disease monitoring, investigate outbreaks, and share community guidance and resources as needed.

To learn more about St. Clair County Health Department services, follow us on social media @scchdmi.