Post Sentencing Rights

Please contact the Victim’s Rights Unit with any questions. We are here to assist you.


Probation is a discretionary sentencing option for most misdemeanor and felony convictions where the defendant avoids some/all incarceration, and is released back into the community under the supervision of a probation officer for a specific time period, with many rules to follow. Some rules are standard (i.e., to not violate any more laws), while others are specific to the defendant or crime (i.e., alcohol counseling when convicted of OWI). If the defendant violates any term of probation, the assigned probation officer can ask the sentencing judge to impose additional penalties.

District Court Probation
If you have questions about a District Court probationer please call (810) 985-2100.

Circuit Court Probation
If you have questions about a Circuit Court probationer please call (810) 985-2280. You may also complete the Michigan Department of Corrections Application for Probation to be notified of any future hearings on defendant.


If a defendant is sentenced to 365 days or less he/she will be incarcerated at the St. Clair County Intervention Center. To register for your post sentencing rights please complete the Request for Post-Sentencing Rights form.


If a defendant is sentenced to more than 365 days he/she will be turned over to the Michigan Department of Corrections. Prisoners move around the State to various prisons. To be kept up to date where an offender is please complete the Michigan Department of Corrections Crime Victim Notification Form.

The Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) Crime Victim Services (CVS) recognized that victims of crime often need services long after their offender has been incarcerated. CVS is available to offer support services to crime victims after an offender’s conviction. Their mission is to ensure the rights of crime victims are recognized and protected during the correctional process. CVS serves as a point of contact within corrections that is sensitive to the needs of crime victims.

How do I request to be Notified?
You may request notification by completing a MDOC Crime Victim Notification Request Form.

What Services Are Provided?

  • Written notification
  • Telephone notification through the Michigan Crime Victim Notification Network (MCVNN)
  • Safety planning
  • Information and referral on MDOC programs, facilities, parole, and probation offices
  • Information and referral on Personal Protection Orders (PPO’s)
  • Information and referral to local agencies, which can assist with stalking, domestic and sexual assault
  • Assistance with MDOC Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS)
  • Collaborative partnering with county prosecutor offices and statewide agencies to assist victims
  • For a complete list go to the CVS website

Will my name, address, telephone numbers and statement be kept confidential?
Yes. Names, addresses, phone numbers and statements provided to MDOC are exempt from disclosure under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act.

Change of Address
Those registered for services through CVS must maintain a current address and telephone number(s) at all times. If your address or telephone number(s) change, you must immediately notify Crime Victim Services in writing with your signature to ensure future notifications.

How is the Prosecuting Attorney available to me post sentencing?
Please contact us with any questions. We are here to assist you.


Parole is the conditional release from prison of a convict before the expiration of a felony sentence. The parolee (the released person) need not serve the remainder of his/her sentence, unless s/he violates terms of his/her release. The parolee is under the supervision of a state parole officer during the parole period.

Our office will not disclose your information to the defendant or the defense attorney.

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