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Reserve and National Guard Soldiers

The St. Clair County Friend of Court Office realizes that many of you may be called to active duty. First and foremost, we join those who thank you for your service to our country, both at home and abroad.

Friend of Court also realizes that some of you may be involved with our office as either a custodial parent or non-custodial parent. You may have an order to receive child support, or you may be ordered to pay support for your children.

Friend of Court wants to inform you of our policies that address those of you called to active duty, particularly in the areas of modification and medical support.

If you have been called to active duty, please notify the Friend of Court office to report your change in address and/or employment status by contacting one of the following:

CONTACT:  Click here for our address and location
E-MAIL: Friend of Court


If you have experienced a change in your income as a result of being called to active duty, you may petition to modify or adjust your child support order. For a more detailed explanation of the modification process, please visit

Medical Support
If you are ordered to provide health care coverage for your child(ren) and have not done so, we will ask the military to enroll the child(ren) in the appropriate health care plan.

Hearings on Modification
If you are scheduled to appear at a hearing and you will be deployed prior to the hearing date, you should contact the Friend of Court office as soon as possible and provide them with that information. The Friend of Court office may be able to reschedule the hearing. If you are not able to attend the hearing due to your military service responsibility, the Friend of Court will inform the Court of your status. It may be possible to appear by phone, but you will need to discuss this option with our office.

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