Information Regarding Orthodontia

Each parent is obligated to comply with the Court Order. The Friend of Court recognizes orthodontia as a valid health care expense. The other party should be contacted first and made aware of the choice for orthodontia, the total cost, what the insurance will cover, what the payment plan will involve and any other pertinent information regarding the orthodontic bill. We cannot process any orthodontic bill that is past one year from the date of the beginning of the contract.

If the other party refuses to cooperate regarding the orthodontic bill, then a Friend of Court Request for Medical Reimbursement form can be submitted to our office. In order for our office to be able to process any orthodontic bills we must have specific information. It is our policy that we must receive a detailed contract between yourself and the doctor’s office. The party requesting reimbursement must sign this contract and it must show that the party has committed to the payment plan. A contract is not the same as an estimate, which merely shows an expressed interest in orthodontia, rather it commits oneself to the plan. The contract must show what the entire procedure, start to finish including initial fees and monthly fees, will cost. The contract must also show what portion the insurance company will cover. If there is no insurance involved make sure that the doctor’s office includes that information on the contract. The orthodontist’s office needs to be made aware, that we will be contacting their billing department to verify all information given. We ask that you do not submit receipts on a monthly basis.

After we have received all requested information necessary to process a claim we will calculate what percentage of the entire bill the other party owes and add that amount to the payer’s medical account. We calculate what portion of your monthly bill the other party is required to pay each month and we send them notification of that amount. It is both parties’ responsibility to maintain track and record of the orthodontic account.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact this office. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Medical Enforcement Investigator

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