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Medical Insurance FAQs

Do I need consent from the other parent before my child is given the COVID-19 vaccination?
Yes, if you share joint legal custody you are required to discuss this type of medical treatment with the other parent and reach an agreement. If you are unable to reach an agreement, you may file a motion with the court. Failure to discuss medical treatments may result in contempt of court as a legal custody violation.

Why do parents need to share information regarding the insurance that is provided for their children?
It is important that parents work together to ensure that a child is receiving the best medical care available. If the child is covered by more than one policy, parents will need to communicate regarding coordination of benefits. Parents working together can control health care costs and reduce disputes over health care. Health care insurance can reduce risk and minimize uninsured expenses for both parents. Parents should review insurance coverage when selecting health care providers in the geographical area of the child. It is also important to advise the Friend of the Court and each other of any changes in the insurance provided.

If my child is covered by the State of Michigan, Medicaid or MiHealth, will insurance be enforced through my employer?
Yes, Medicaid is State funded and does not qualify to meet your responsibility of insuring your child. You will still be responsible to provide insurance through your employer if it is available at a reasonable cost. In the State of Michigan, if the cost to insure your child does not exceed six percent (6%) of your gross wages, it is considered reasonable and will be enforced. If the cost proves to be a hardship you may object to the insurance in writing and insurance enforcement will be reconsidered.

My child is covered by MiChild, for which I pay a monthly premium. Do I still have to insure them through my employer?
At this time, St. Clair County will accept MiChild as a qualifying insurance provided by the parent. You will not be required to enroll your child in other insurance. You are required to submit verification of the MiChild payment and the effective date for your child.

If my current spouse insures my child does that meet my responsibility to insure?
Yes. If a third party insures your child you will not be required to provide health insurance through your employer. You will be required to complete a Health Insurance Information form and submit it for your file. A copy of the insurance card, front and back should also accompany the form.

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