Elected County Surveyor:  Justin Rhein 
Term:  4-year term 
Current Term of Office:  01/0/2021 through 12/31/2024
Email:  Justin Rhein

The County Surveyor is elected on a partisan basis every four years, and must be a Professional Surveyor licensed in the State of Michigan. The Surveyor's duties include the administration of a remonumentation program for all public land survey corners throughout the county, and the recordation and maintenance of those corners, together with creating and maintaining a filing system for horizontal and vertical geodetic controls.

The State Survey and Remonumentation Program was created by 1990 PA 345, in order to recover and remonument the original corner positions established and monumented by the original federal government surveyors during the public land surveys. This act outlines a process/program for the state to administer a Survey and Remonumentation Fund to award annual grants to Michigan’s 83 counties for completion and maintenance of the corners. Section 8 of the State Survey and Remonumentation Act contains the requirement for each county to establish a plan for completing the remonumentation of their county within 20 years but does not mandate that work be completed within those 20 years.