St. Clair County leaders and stakeholders recognize broadband as an economic growth and development driver that supports many of the region’s primary industries including, but not limited to manufacturing, healthcare, education, agriculture, public safety, private businesses, and public agencies.  Unfortunately, many areas within the county lack the required coverage and performance of optimal broadband infrastructure.

Since 2010, the St. Clair County Broadband Committee has been informally meeting to develop and influence broadband infrastructure development.  The committee partnered with Connect Michigan to develop the St. Clair County Technology Action Plan in 2013.  Blue Meets Green further bolstered broadband development in 2020 through the identification of a need within the county to develop a countywide broadband strategic plan to assist community partners and stakeholders in expanding broadband access and adoption throughout the county, which was completed by the Metropolitan Planning Commission in 2023.  In July 2021, Connect Michigan surveyed St. Clair County residents and businesses to better understand broadband adoption, coverage areas, and community needs. 


2013 Technology Action Plan 

2021 Connect Michigan Survey Results

Mapping Tools

Connect Michigan has developed an interactive map for St. Clair County that includes providers, speeds, and other information that will allow community members to better understand underserved areas of the county.

St. Clair County, MI Broadband App (

The Southeast Michigan Broadband Availability and Usage Tool displays residential broadband availability, internet use, and computer usage throughout Southeast Michigan.  The tool can be filtered by county, community, school district, intermediate school district, census tract, and block group to assist in understanding existing coverage and gaps in service and the ability to access devices.

Broadband Availability & Usage (SEMCOG)