The County Administrator's office handles the management of all departments within the county government. We provide leadership, help develop new business for the county, and promote the county to the outside world.

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We also like to think of ourselves as the county information booth. We're here to help answer your questions and facilitate your requests.

How do we do this? By listening to you, and then directing you to the best resource within the county.  

  300. Personnel
  301. Objectives and Scope of Personnel Policies
  303. Management Rights and Responsibilities
  305. At-Will Employment
    310. Hiring Practices
    311. Background Check Policy
    312. Recruitment and Hiring
    314. Equal Employment Opportunity
    320. Standards of Conduct
    321. Conflict of Interest Policy
    321.5 Conflict of Interest County Officials CANUE
    323. Discrimination and Harassment
    324. Nepotism
    325. Standards of Conduct
    326. Social Media
    327. County Property Personal Property and Personal Business
    330. Employment Practices
    331. Telecommuting Policy
    332. Employment Practices
    333. Layoff and Recall
    336. Paid Time Off
    338. Work Hours Seniority Overtime Time Lunch Periods and Breaks
    340. Employee Benefits
    341. Discipline and Discharge
    342. Salary and Wages
    343. Retirement
    344. Health, Dental Care and Life Insurance Plan
    346. Timekeeping
    348. Grievance Procedures
    349. Verification of Employment
    350. Employee Reimbursements
    351. Per Diem Payments to Regular Employees who are
       Members of Boards, Commissions, Task Forces
       or Like Body
    352. Board of Commissioner's Compensation and
       Reimbursement Policy and Exhibit A (revision dtd 9-20-06)
    353. Expense Reimbursement Policy
    360. Leaves
    361. Family Medical Leave Act, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability
    370. Workplace Safety
    373. Drugs Alcohol and Controlled Substances
    374. Emergency Closure and Partial Closure
    380. Federal and State Statutes and Regulations
    381. Americans with Disabilites
    382. COBRA
    383. Fair Labor Standards Act
    386. Whistle Blowers Act
    387. Workers Compensation