Marine City High School monitors their stream
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Adopt-A-Stream Brochure
Water Quality - why do we test?


Our mission:

"To protect the water resources of the St. Clair River Watershed through information, advocacy and education.”

Our vision:

"A St. Clair River Watershed with a restored and sustained ecology that offers a healthy environment, strong economy, and high quality of life for current and future generations.”

Adopt-A-Stream is administered by St. Clair County M.S.U. Extension and 4-H Programs to promote cooperative action on water management issues.

Awards: The Michigan Association of Honors Society Exceptional Service Award was presented to the Marine City High School National Honors Society for their participation in the Adopt-A-Stream project during 1999 Make a Difference Day.

Learn More:

Would you like to learn more about the Adopt-A-Stream project? Call the St. Calir County MSU Extension office to set up a one-on-one training at (810) 989-6935.

Project Description:

This is a "grassroots" program designed to encourage community involvement. Youth interested in taking action to improve our watershed is eligible and encouraged to take part in activities. Youth clubs, schools, churches, neighborhood associations, lake associations, businesses, civic organizations and others can:

  • Implement streambank clean-ups.
  • Conduct streambank surveys.
  • Monitor stream insects and gauge water quality.
  • Execute streambank enhancement projects to help control erosion and stabilize streambanks.
  • Learn more about the St. Clair River Watershed.

Getting Started:

To begin Adopt-A-Stream activities in your area:

  1. Organize your youth group of approximately 10 people with adult advisors per half mile of stream and choose one person as your contact person/group leader.
  2. Fill out and return the Adopt-A-Stream Application form or email or call the Adopt-A-Stream 4-H Representative.

A nearby site will be assigned to your group (requests for a particular site may be submitted for consideration).

Group leaders will be trained prior to specified dates for spring water quality testing and fall clean-up. Equipment is issued at time of each training and returned by groups after each testing and clean-up dates.

EnviroScape® hands-on lab is available to schools, churches, organizations, and groups within our county. This portable unit demonstrates point and non-point source pollution, how wetlands work and more. For more information or to reserve, call 810-989-6935 and ask for the 4-H Adopt-A-Stream representative.

Current Partners:

  • D. E. Q.
  • St. Clair County Drain Office
  • St. Clair County M.S.U. Extension
  • St. Clair County 4-H Programs

Previous Supporters:

  • M.S.U. Extension & 4-H/Youth Programs of St. Clair County
  • St. Clair County Drain Commissioner's Office
  • Aid Association for Lutherans Branch 6492
  • Keweenaw Environmental Consulting
  • Wildlife Habitat Council
  • Michigan 4-H Foundation & Pharmacia & Upjohn Animal Health
  • Michigan 4-H Youth Program & Michigan Action Team
  • St. Clair County 4-H Council
  • Family of Ted & Rose Rattee
  • Genie Screen Printing

To contribute or for more information, email the Adopt-A-Stream 4-H Representative or contact us.