St. Clair County has 1 recycling site located at the Smiths Creek Landfill to help citizens, businesses and institutions divert recyclable goods from Landfill disposal. Click here for Recycling Center Locations.

Acceptable Recycling Materials Guideline

Items accepted at the recycling drop-off Locations

* Paper (newspaper, junk mail, office paper, magazines, cereal box board)
* Plastic (plastic bottles - #1 clear, #2 natural and color, plastic #3 - #7)
* Tin and aluminum cans

* Labels do NOT need to be removed from containers
* Remove lids from jars and cans
* Food containers should be clean and rinsed
* Broken glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses, dishes and mirrors are not recyclable

Used Motor Oil
            Yard Waste
               - Compost Facts
               - Recycling Grass Clippings
            Tin Cans
            Corrugated Cardboard
            Office Paper
            Propane Cylinders
            Household Hazardous Waste
               - HHW Drop-Off
               - HHW Appt Blank Form
               - Household Pesticides
               - Aerosol Cans Products
               - Adhesive Products
               - Personal Care Products
               - Household Solvents
               - Paint Products
               - Used Antifreeze
               - Gasoline
               - Household Cleaners
               - Wood Preservatives