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Victim's Rights

Cortney Carl, Coordinator
Mia Miller, Jessica Miller & Jill Waelens, Advocates

201 McMorran Blvd., Suite 3308
Port Huron, MI 48060
(810) 985-2301
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In 1985 the State of Michigan enacted the Crime Victim’s Rights Act. As a result, victims of crime have the statutory right to representation in the criminal justice system. To better protect these rights of victims, our office has established the Victim’s Rights Unit to assist victims in understanding and exercising these rights. The attorneys and staff of the St. Clair County Prosecutor’s Office are committed to the public safety of our community and the pursuit of justice in our court system. The staff of the Victim’s Rights Unit serve as an independent advocate for crime victims in our county, providing information and services to assure these rights are protected. Please review the following information and contact the Victim’s Rights Unit to take advantage of your rights.

Pursuant to the Crime Victim’s Rights Act of 1985, victims have the right to the following:

  • Conference with the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney prior to the selection of a jury or the start of trial. This includes consultation prior to the finalization of any negotiations that may result in a dismissal, plea, or sentence recommendation.
  • Appearance at the trial, unless restricted by the court, and freedom from employer threats or acts of discharge when required to appear in court.
  • Access to a safe and secure waiting area separate from the defendant and his/her family.
  • Representation at sentencing if the defendant is found guilty. Victims may provide an oral or written statement to the sentencing judge and make an impact statement to the pre-sentence investigator.
  • Return of property held by the police agency when it is no longer needed as evidence. This is usually after the defendant is sentenced.
  • Restitution if you have suffered direct physical or financial harm as a result of crime. Restitution may be ordered by the court at the time of sentencing to be paid by the defendant.
  • Compensation for medical bills if a victim has suffered a personal injury as a direct result of a crime. Victims may also be eligible for compensation through the Crime Victim’s Compensation Claim Board located in Lansing, Michigan. Assistance may include costs of counseling, rehabilitation, and loss of earnings. Further information can be obtained from their website at: Victim's Rights Compensation or at

Upon request, crime victims are entitled to notification under the Crime Victim’s Rights Act of the following:

  • All court dates including the final disposition of the case.
  • Appeals filed by the defendant of his/her conviction and the outcome of appellate proceedings.
  • Changes in incarceration status if the defendant is sentenced to serve time in the County Jail, Michigan Prison System, or Juvenile Detention Center. You will be provided a form that will allow you to request notice of transfer, parole, release or escape.

To take advantage of these notification rights, a victim must notify the Victim’s Rights Unit by completing the Legal Rights Request Form which can be found on our Requesting your Rights page. Changes in contact information must be communicated to the Victim’s Unit to allow proper notification, you may email Victim's Rights or call (810) 985-2301, our office with any updates.

Our office will not disclose your information to the defendant or the defense attorney.

Victim's Rights Forms