For orders entered prior to October 1st, 2008, the Michigan Child Support Formula allows a general care child support account credit when the non-custodial parent has the children for six consecutive overnights or longer. (If support is calculated pursuant to the shared economic responsibility formula, there is NO parenting time abatement as that calculation is based on actual number of overnights spent with the non-custodial parent). The non-custodial parent must report the dates promptly, in writing, to the Friend of the Court at the conclusion of the parenting time period. These dates will be confirmed with the custodial parent and credit then given on the account. If the dates are disputed, a referee hearing may be scheduled. Your court order will specify the amount of credit to be received. Most orders entered prior to October 1st, 2008, follow the previous Formula that allows a 50% credit. When a credit has occurred, do not request that your employer adjust your withholding order reflecting a 50% reduction. Contact the Friend of the Court and instructions will be given with regard to handling the credit on your particular case. Request for Parenting Time Abatement