4-H Ambassador Program

Application Packet

INTERVIEWS - Ambassador interviews, give 4-H members the opportunity to verbally communicate who they are to the judges and help make their application come to life. Just like the application, answer the questions completely and accurately. Answers should highlight the great characteristics of the applicant.

When interviewing, another important factor to consider is appearance: dress and appearance is important for any type of interview. 4-H members should wear business or business casual attire to their ambassador interviews, just as you would for a job interview.

Ride on a float CAREER BUILDING - Youth can gain skills to prepare for their career through a 4-H ambassadors program. First, applying to become a 4-H ambassador gives youth an experience similar to the process of applying for a job. If youth are selected to become a 4-H ambassador, they can build skills for future jobs through community service learning.

While being selected as a 4-H ambassador is an honor, even the process of striving to become a 4-H ambassador has benefits for all 4-H members who apply.

Represent 4-H at the Radio Station RESPONSIBILITY - Becoming a 4-H ambassador also includes responsibilities. One responsibility that may come with being a 4-H ambassador is to promote and represent 4-H in the county and at local events. All youth in 4-H have a special talent and skill. During their time as a member selected to serve as an ambassador, the 4-H members should think of ways to serve the community using their talents and skills. Communication is needed to help promote and represent 4-H and it is a life skill as well as a career skill. 4-H ambassadors can build their communication skills for their future careers through a series of activities by:

  • Using the Michigan 4-H promotional materials to market 4-H in the county
  • Writing articles for the county 4-H newsletter to encourage a county-wide effort among 4-H members, families and volunteers to promote 4-H
  • Using social media with program staff to promote and market 4-H
  • Creating local videos to highlight the local 4-H experience in the community
  • Serving as a vendor at community events to speak to youth and adults about joining 4-H
  • Attending county commissioner meetings with staff to talk about the positive impact of 4-H
  • Attending different civic club meetings to share the experience of the benefits of 4-H