Union Employment Contracts and Wage Scales


Clerk/Register of Deeds Employees - AFSCME 1089

Court Bailiffs and Security Officers Association

Circuit Court Family Div Supervisors, Family & Probate Court Employees Association

District Court Employees - AFSCME 1518

Friend of Court Employees - TPOAM

Friend of Court Supervisors Association

Human Resource Clerks and Specialists

Probate Court Clerical Employees - TPOAM

Probate Court Juvenile Counselors Association

Professional Nurses Association - MNA, Unit I

Professional Nurses Supervisors - MNA, Unit II

Prosecuting Attorney - Association of Professional Employees

Prosecuting Attorney Clerical Employees - AFSCME 1089

Sheriff Department Corrections Deputies and Professional Employees - Teamsters Local #214

Sheriff Department Corrections Command Officers Association - COAM

Sheriff Department Employees - POAM

Sheriff Department Supervisors - COAM

Communications Officers - POAM

Treasurer Employees - AFSCME 1089

Contact Information

HR Staff Directory

Human Resources
200 Grand River Avenue, Ste. 206
Port Huron, MI 48060

Phone: (810) 989-6910
Fax: (810) 985-3493
Email: Human Resources
Human Resources Status: 

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