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Emergency Planning Committee
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OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our primary responsibility is to provide for the safety of our residences and visitors within St. Clair County along with our neighboring communities. This is accomplished through a multi-hazard planning process that involves mitigation, preparation, response and recovery combined with a strong working relationship with all levels of government and the private sector. We are committed to provide a quality service to those people with a continuous goal of improving those services.

The Office of Emergency Management is authorized through federal, state, and local legislation to provide an emergency plan for the county and communities. This plan is a multi-hazard plan that addresses natural, technological and terrorism incidents. Emergency planning involves people from all agencies and at every level of government.

County Officials and local leaders are required to act in the most prudent and efficient manner when called upon during emergency events. Coordinated events during past emergency situations have reduced the loss of life, property damage and the disruption of our daily lives.

Testing the plan through simulated exercises occur on a regular basis. Lessons learned through these exercises allow us to continue to improve our preparedness and response capabilities. In addition, several committees meet on a regular basis to review changes in technology and situations that occur throughout the country and world.

After the events of September 11th, the office is now the coordination point for Homeland Security within the county. A task force has been established to support the functions of the office.

The Office of Emergency Management is staffed with 3 full time positions.

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